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Prodigy rappt seinen Lieblingsverse (R.I.P. Prodigy)

Prodigy kurz vor seinem Tod bei Thisis50. Er rappt seinen Lieblings Hip Hop Verse. Dieser Verse ist von seinem Mobb Deep Kumpanen Havoc.

Der Text ist aus dem Song Mobb Deep feat Big Noyd, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah – Right Back At You aus dem Jahr 1995.


Fuck where you at kid, it’s where you’re from
Cause where I’m from, niggas pack nothin‘ but the big guns
Around my way, niggas don’t got remorse for out-of-towners
Come through fronting and get stuffed with the 3-pounder
The loud sounder, ear ringer
And I’m a point the finger, at all you wannabe gunslingers
You got a real ice grill but are you really real
Step to the hill and I’ma test your gun skills
Cause real niggas don’t try to profile
You just a chump who needs to get drunk to buckwild
But swing that bullshit this way
And I’m a make your visit to the bridge a motherfucking short stay
Queensbridge, that’s where I’m from
The place where stars are born and phony rappers get done
6 blocks and you might not make it through
What you gonna do when my whole crew is blazing at you
With macs and tecs to lend to get your dome crush
You thought that you could come around my way and beef, stupid fuck
What the hell you smoking? What the fuck possessed you
To come out your face, now I have to wet you
Throw on my Timbs, black mask and black serpent
Twist a nigga cap, then jump in the J-30

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